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I didn't want to write this review. I gave K9 Kennel Store every opportunity to make things right, and worse than telling me in a straightforward manner NO, they instead paid me lip service and then ghosted me.

Bad customer service and simply rude. I spent $2500 on kennels that arrived late and in AWFUL condition. I made the mistake of accepting the delivery because I was under the gun and needed the kennels, and I assumed the company would rectify the issue. I will say they did replace one of NINE damaged panels (the only one with severe structural damage), but their solution for the scrapes and scratches covering all the other pieces that arrived loose sliding around the bed of an empty truck?

A can of silver spray paint. So after spending my last two grand on a major purchase for my burgeoning business, six weeks later I'm supposed to dismantle my kennels, drag them outside, and spray paint them? With no reimbursement for my troubles? And what about the $400 worth of white anti-fight panels that are so badly damaged I can't use them?

Those cannot be painted, and are useless to me in this condition. I had to unscrew them, pry them off the panels, and toss them in the garbage. $400 down the toilet. I would have been happy with the smallest gesture from this businessbut my very carefully written and detailed final-appeal email from three weeks ago has gone completely unanswered except for a perfunctory "We'll get right back to you!"in the weeks since, there's been no offer of even the slightest financial recompense, or even a lousy $50 gift card for future purchases.

After charging my credit card, Cove Products and K9 Kennels assured me their product would arrive safely secured upright on a pallet, and they didn't. And as a result I have brand new kennels that look ready for the garbage heap. It's ridiculous, and such bad business: I plan to spend many thousands of dollars on more kennels and accessories as my business grows in the years to come, but will I give another dollar to this company after being treated like this? No way.

And will I tell everyone in the industry I meet at trade shows, conventions, on social media, etc.

to avoid them at all costs? You bet.

Review about: K9 Kennel Store Kennel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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So where would you buy additional dog kennels? I really like the dog barn.

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